A World To Explore 

EMBRACE Global Understanding

Our Queen Margaret's School community is home to students from many countries and cultures. Students are integrated into an environment rich in languages, celebrations and traditions from around the world. We are committed to raising cultural sensitivity, global awareness and appreciation of diversity. 

From instruction in French and Japanese by specialist teachers, to opportunities to explore the world through hands-on experiential learning, students are engaged in the learning process. 

Activities include field trips to local museums and ecological sites, guest speakers, assembly performances, music and speech competitions, science and social studies fairs, and clubs. Our Junior School garden also enhances our environmental science endeavors. 

Community service opportunities, including our annual Shoreline Clean-Up, Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Drives, or singing at local Seniors’ Homes, give students a chance to help out and become more aware of their ability to improve the lives of others. In turn, students become aware of the satisfaction associated with service work.

This level of opportunity and engagement is an integral part of the QMS experience. Our goal is to offer an enriched curriculum in every classroom, and we take pride in the extent to which we offer such programs.
At QMS, I have developed my independence and discovered the importance of self-motivation. It feels like a small university here which is helping me prepare for post-secondary life.
- Carina Zhong, Class of '18