Welcome Message   

Your child is embarking on a new journey and we know that you took great care in making the decision to send them to Queen Margaret’s School. Here on our beautiful campus, they will be cared for by attentive and caring staff and will enjoy the beauty that surrounds us within the Cowichan Valley area.  

During your child's time at Queen Margaret’s School, they will grow to become more independent, build friendships and be challenged to see the world with a new curiosity. They will come to understand the importance of discipline, of working together as a community and seeing the value of what they have to contribute to our world.

Communication is the key to your child's success and our staff are always available to assist them with insight, support, love and wisdom. Parent contact is expected and appreciated as together we help guide them through their teen years while learning healthy choices and positive decision making skills. 

We care about and promote personal safety, positive and healthy relationship building, important life skills, and successful study habits. Our residence team is knowledgeable and understand teenage development and continue each year to build on their professional skills.  

Discipline is also important as we teach our boarders boundaries, self-reflection, accountability and respect. Our expectations, conversation and decisions will always reflect back to our QMS values as our boarders learn how each of us contributes in the building of the community in which we live in.

Please contact me at any time to further discuss your child's life in Residence. Our common goal is for them to be successful, healthy and happy!

Celina Mason
Director of Student Affairs

QMS' caring teachers challenged and encouraged me to go far beyond my own expectations. It was exactly what I needed to develop the tenacity required to succeed at anything in life. 
- Erin Bell (nee Watkins), Class of '95
The QMS values have helped guide and shape my life's focus personally and academically. They reflect how I want to live my life after I graduate.
- Tara Cooper, Class of '15
I'm proud to work at a school that is committed to creating opportunities for growth and professional development for staff that positively impacts student learning and achievement.
- Elizabeth Tarkowski, QMS Staff Member
I could not have asked for a better place to finish my last three years of high school. QMS prepared me for a smooth transition into college life.
- Nora Shek, Class of '93
QMS taught me to speak my mind no matter the consequences, I found this skill invaluable. QMS also taught me the importance of friendship and loyalty and these values still hold true for me today.
- Jennifer Spencer, Class of '82
I learned much of my equestrian knowledge through the equestrian program at QMS and I'm grateful that I am now able to use that in my career.
- Amber Dawn Clarkson, Class of '95
It's years later and QMS still feels very much like home. I was fortunate enough to make some incredible friends both with the students and faculty, and I still maintain many of them today. 
- Jennifer Stone (nee Muza), Class of '97
QMS gave me the strength I needed to be self confident. I will always treasure the time I spent at QMS.
- Nadine Gallant, Class of '88
I feel a debt of gratitude to QMS for the education, teachers & the whole QMS experience that sent me out in the world with a solid foundation. Not to mention treasured friendships!
- Catherine Dunik, Class of '84
At QMS, I have developed my independence and discovered the importance of self-motivation. It feels like a small university here which is helping me prepare for post-secondary life.
- Carina Zhong, Class of '18
Making friends from around the world truly made the experience I had at QMS worth while!
- Marlena Sawras, Class of 2017