Residence Activities & Trips 

PLAY and Connect

Our Activity Coordinator organizes weekend and holiday activities to keep our students engaged, healthy and learning about our local community. These activities provide a safe environment, chaperoned by staff, to enjoy time with their friends and connect with each other.

Out trips can include experiencing the ballet, hiking, attempting the waterslide at the local swimming pool, or enjoying a movie and dinner. There is so much to explore and our Activity Coordinator will help provide opportunities for fun and building friendships.

All Boarder Events
At QMS we have special "Red Weekends" throughout the year. On these weekends, all boarding students are expected to attend and participate in community building events. In the past, these events have included trips to the beach, world famous Butchart Gardens, and special theatrical productions in Victoria. Our students love these all boarder activities as they create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Boarder Trips

Boarder Trips are planned to take place on holiday weekends, and during mid-term breaks. Each trip is chaperoned by QMS staff and teachers who know and understand our students well. All trips require parental consent and are an extra expense. This year boarders can participate in the following optional trips.
Scheduled trips
October 20-22, 2017
Vancouver, BC, Canada
November 10-13, 2017
West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, AB, Canada
February 9-12, 2018
Whistker Ski Trip, Whistler, BC, Canada
March 10-25, 2018
May 19-22, 2018
Rocky Mountain Tour, AB OR Tofino, BC, Canada
   * Destinations are subject to change, due to availability and weather.
**  Appropriate Visas and travel documents are required prior to departure.
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