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Class of '90 ~ We would love to hear from you!
Lisa Abernethy
Sandra Arnaiz
Gillian Brondyke

Anna Fernandez (nee Bujazan) - Class of '90 - Attended QMS for Grade 11 & 12
Married with 2 little girls, Isla who is 6 years old and Galia 15 months.  Expecting a baby by the end of October. (Updated in 2009)

Ada Chan
Taunia Connor
Amanda Constantinescu
Judith Hill
Yan Yan Ip
Fumie Itake
Tamara Kanachowski
Eiran Keane
Susan Klinkhamer
Clare Mason
Michelle Meakin
Bethann Morris
Edith Chong
Dawn Thomas
Cecilia Yen-Sze


Class of '91 ~ Where in the world are you?
Darien Allan - Prefect
Wendy Anderson
Mieko Bond
Melissa Bonnell
Mary Chiang
Andrea Davis

Robyn Painter (nee Gendemann) - Class of '91
Currently living in Duncan with a 13 year old son who attends QMS

Linda Gillespie - Prefect
Mari Hirakawa
Yvette Hui
Rachael-Ann Hunter
Viesen Hwang
Dan Keilty
Vivan Kilvert - Prefect
Rhonda Kish - Prefect
Jennifer Kwan
Josee LeBlanc
Doris Lee
Yuki Lee

Renata Manchak - Class of '91 - Attended QMS for Grades 11-12
After graduation, I moved to Ottawa to attend Carleton University and continue to call is home. I have been working for the Federal Government for the last 12 years and I am currently the Executive Assistant to the Associate Deputy Minister at the Department of National Defence.

Kyla Pennie
Mary Roberts
Genevieve Saville-Peck
Karina Sheikh - Prefect
Dayna Solmie - Prefect
Dannielle van Jaarsveld - Head Girl
Gina Villares
Reaghan Wilson - Prefect


Class of '92 ~ We would love to hear from you!
Anna Biondo
Julia Birke - Prefect
Andrea Button
Claudia Chow - Prefect
Margaret Evans - Head Girl
Dana Garner - Prefect - Class of '92 - Attended QMS 1987-1992
Michelle Grant
Maho Harada - Prefect
Michelle Hsieh
Janet Hwang
Maki Ichinomiya
Patricia John
Kathy Krug - Prefect
Julie Lawrence
Jennifer Liew
Denise MacDonald - Prefect
Caitlin McCaffrey
Cathrine Miao
Dayna Mussell
Susan Parmar - Prefect
Monica Prihar
Karen Quine
Ada Saab
Shima Uryu
Lisa Wagner
Kajsa Erickson - Would have been Class of '92 - Attended QMS for Grade 10 


Class of '93 - We would love to hear from you!
Nyomi Beatty - Prefect
Rebecca de Lange
Avens Dawson - Prefect
Shirin Eshgi
Beatriz Gonzalez Riedel
Cara Hogan - Head Girl
Rebecca Johnson
Kaleema Khan
Sherry Kimoto
Amanda Kolk
Agnes Lam
Tina Lee
Terry Lin
Karen MacKenzie
Megumi Nishoika
Emily Norris
Hannah Park

Nora Shek - Prefect of Class of '93
Currently living in Calgary, Alberta and working as a Barista at Starbucks. I could not ask for a BETTER place to finish my last 3 years of high school. QMS prepared me for a smooth transition into college life.

Sandra Stalinkski
Amber Southwell - Prefect
Carmen Tseng - Prefect
Josephine Wu
Claire Yang
Heather Cleugh


Class of '94 we would love to hear from you!
Alannah Bjur - Prefect
Louise Burridge - Head Girl
Kristen Catton
Michelle Cheung
Shannon Derrick
Elizabeth Dutchak
Elisa Hill - Prefect
Tera Hollier
Sherry Hsieh
Mikiko Ito
Ai Iwanuma - Prefect
Soojin Kim - Prefect
Christine Kuta - Prefect
Linda Lee
Beatrice McCutcheon - Prefect
Anne Millbank - Prefect
Madina Ta
Shayna Trousdell - Prefect
Anne Wu
Dominique Wu
Mikey Wu

Erica Eyring  - Would have been Class of '94 - Attended QMS from Grades 7 - 10
Erica is currently a Director, International Business Development with Expedia Inc.


Class of '95 ~ Where in the world are you?
click here to view the Class of '95 in the Citizen Newspaper - July 9, 1995
Jennifer Breakell
Kirsten Brown - Prefect
Amber Dawn Clarkson - Class of '95 - Attended QMS 1991-1995
I am currently living in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and am working as a Dressage trainer at Legacy Equestrian Centre. I recently earned my USDF Bronze Medal and I'm working towards the Silver. I learned much of my equestrian knowledge through the equestrian program at QMS and I'm grateful that I am now able to use that in my career.
(Updated November 2012)

Penny Floer
Megan Fraser
Kymberlee Gardiner
Chino Hara - Prefect
Angela Huxtable - Prefect
Beverly Koo
Winnie Lin
Charlotte Norris - Head Girl
Souvonia Pyne
Kristen Sanders
Michiei Sho - Prefect
Hilary Simpson
Dorothy Smith
Violet Wang
Erin Watkin

Mariana Astudillo Nogueda - Would have been Class of '95
I attended QMS in the year 89/90, I was the last of my 5 cousins to study one year in QMS.  I was in 7th Grade with Mr.Hammer.  I have plenty of good memories of the year I spent there as a boarding student.


Class of '96 - Where are you?
Hiroe Akiyama - Prefect
Julie Bion
Faustina Chan
Elisabeth Christensen - Prefect
Lisa Compton
Irene Fu
Faidra Hass
Sung Pil Hong
Joyce Ip
Valarie Johnson - Prefect
Ellen Law
Junko Nagahama
Simone Padur - Prefect
Crissy Stavrakov
Atsuko Tamura
Kristal Timmer - Prefect
Violet Wang
Sarah Westnedge - Head Girl
Paula Winnett
Jenny Yeh
Souvonia Pyne

Margaret (nee Acton) McArthur - would have been Class of '96 - Attended QMS for Grades 4 - 7.
Living in Vancouver working as a Lawyer.


Class of '97 - We would love to hear from you!

Ivy Chan
Josephine (Hsing-Ju) Chen - Prefect

Jennifer Cheong - Class of '97 - Prefect
Since my time at QMS, I have been busy in the education world.  I graduated from both UWO and UBC and am now teaching in China. QMS was a place I could be myself. I had many leadership opportunites and a chance to make friends with people I might not have otherwise associated with.  I still have friends all over the world and keep in touch with most of my grad class.

Emi Ishibashi
Christina Lisinski - Prefect

Jennifer (nee Muza) Stone
 - Class of '97 - Prefect
After graduating from QMS in 1997, Jennifer went on to complete two Bachelor of Arts Degrees at the University of Calgary, in European History and International Relations.  Jennifer followed in her parent's footsteps for a time, and became a Human Resources and Training Manager at her family's hotels in Waterton Park, AB.  She married Gregory Stone of Calgary in 2004 and moved to Oxford, England while her husband entered into a PhD prgramme at Christ Church College, University of Oxford.  While residing in Oxford, Jennifer took up the position of Bank Manager for NatWest Bank until she decided she wanted to go back to school.  In 2007, she completed a Graduate Diploma at Christie's Education in London, in the History of Early European Art and Antiquities and was awarded the Richard Nicolas Prize for highest achieving Research Project.  In 2008, Jennifer completed her Master's Degree of European Fine and Decorative Art and Connoisseurship at Christie's Education and the University of Glasgow.  She will formally graduate in June 2009 and will be awarded an M. Litt with Distinction.
Gregory and Jennifer moved to London in June and Jennifer has recently accepted a position at Christie's Auction House in St. James Square.  She is responsible for coordinating the documentation for all new clients wishing to bid in a Christie's sale.  Her main focus is money laundering and fraud prevention at Christie's and in the art world.  The job brings new excitement every day as Christie's clients are often celebrities, politically exposed people, influential corporations and major art dealers from all over the globe.
Although Jennifer has not found much time to play her treasured volleyball and basketball, she has taken up a bit of cricket and beagling whenever she and Greg get back up to Oxford.  Jennifer still enjoys travelling and gets on a plane whenever she and her husband want an adventure.

Twelve years later and QMS still fells very much like home.  I was fortunate enough to make some incredible friends both with the students and faculty, and I still maintain many of them today.  QMS helped me to realize and develop my own potential in all aspects of my life.

Sarah Norman - Prefect
Sara Norris - Prefect
Linda Park

Vivian Sun - Prefect - Class of '97 - Attended QMS for Grades 9 - 12
Vivian is currently a Sales Manager.

Shirley Tsang
Louise Yeh


Class of '98 - We would love to hear from you!
Melissa Butler
Kellie Cheong - Prefect
Johnna Clarkson - Class of '98 - Attended QMS 1991-1998
On May 19th, 2012 I married my best friend and the best man I know Warren Appleton. We are expecting our first baby in July 2013.
(Updated June 2013)

Dana Ellis - Prefect
Danielle Fritz
Kristina Ha
Chelsea Holmes - Prefect
Emily Ingram
Alison Kenney
Aja Ker
Jacqueline Kim
Carly Larocque - Class of '98 - Attended QMS 1996-1998
My time at QMS was most definitely the happiest of time of my life. So many experiences opted from this school for me and I made so many unforgettable friends.

Jennifer Lightbody - Prefect
Cindy Lu
Lisa MacDonald - Prefect
Tanya Momeni
Sarah Morales - Head Girl
Saskia Muller
Nicole Prent
Vashni Skipper - Prefect
Jennifer Speer
Cindy Tung
Linda Park

Flor de Lourdes de Cordova
(nee Silva) - would have been Class of '98
Flor attended QMS for the school year of 1991-1992 and is wanting to connect with old friends.
Flor is employeed in the Information Technology industry.


Class of '99 - Let us know what you are up to!
Amy Ballard - Prefect
Jennifer Beltgens - Prefect
Lesley Carter
Kathleen Chandler
Morgyn Chandler - Prefect
Kaye Collins
Antonella Consiglio - Prefect
Sarah Davey - Prefect
Angela Erickson - Prefect
Chitose Haraguchi
Genevieve Hill - Prefect
Kristie Lee Kavanagh
Alison Gillespie (nee Kenney) ~ Class of '99 attended QMS for Grade 10 - 12
Alison is now an emergency medical technician living in Clairmont, Alberta, Canada.

Danica Longair
Erin Mahlum - Prefect
Jessica Marland
Shannon Mawdsley
Naomi Morales - Prefect

Kat Morris (nee Sainsbury) ~ Class of '99 ~ attended QMS for Grade 6 - 12 
Since my last update I have been a very busy girl! I am now the owner of a successful fashion and editorial freelance makeup business and the co-owner of the only alternative modelling agency in Western Canada, Morrismore Productions, have travelled to Paris to do makeup and recently celebrated my marriage to my amazing partner in crime.

Comments: QMS taught me, above all things, that if anything was going to change for me, that I had to do it for myself and believe that I could make it happen. QMS taught me to be independent, strong and tenacious in achieving what I wanted for myself.

Mr. Parson's words in chapel still speak to me today like they did when I was so much younger..."knock and the door shall be opened unto you..."  I am truly grateful to QMS and to all of my friends and teachers there.  (updated January 31, 2011)

Jennifer Scruton

Melanie Thiede
Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, miroing in Psychology. Published my first book of poetry in 2010 and am working on my second book. QMS was a home away from home, a means to a fresh start in life. Memories and friendships created here will hopefully last a lifetime.
Cheryl Tsao
Mayumi Uchida
Sara Wilson - Prefect
Sang Yi - Prefect

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