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Faculty & Staff Directory

Junior School Faculty

To connect with any of our faculty or staff, please email our Receptionist and she will direct it appropriately. Thank you.

(listed by grade)  

 Junior School Principal  Mrs. Susan Cruikshank
 School Administrative Assistant  Ms. Milly Jurisic

 Junior Kindergarten, Preschool & Child Care 
 Centre Manager

 Ms. Stacy Paton
 Preschool Teacher  Ms. Angela Kennedy
 Junior Kindergarten Teacher  Mrs. Margo Smith
 Junior Kindergarten Teacher  Vacant
 Junior Kindergarten Teacher  Mrs. Annaliese Atkins 
 Kindergarten Teacher  Mrs. Yvonne Snow
 Grade 1 Teacher

 Ms. Alyssa Dzhevelekyan 
 Mrs. Danielle Friday
 (Parental Leave)

 Grade 2 Teacher / Primary Coordinator  Ms. Ellen Arndt
 Grade 3 Teacher  Ms. Patti Small
 Grade 4 Teacher  Ms. Jody Fairweather
 Grade 5 Teacher  Ms. Jackie Thibodeau
 Grade 6 Teacher / Intermediate Coordinator  Ms. Fiona Morrison
 Grade 7 Teacher (Girls Class)  Mrs. Jillian Hutchison
 Grade 7/8 Teacher (Boys Class)
 Technology Coordinator
 Mr. Dominic Smith
 Junior School French Teacher  Mr. Dean Schneider
 Art Teacher (Grades 5-7)  Ms. Angela Andersen
 Learning Assistance Coordinator  Ms. Sandi Parachoniak
 Educational Assistant  Ms. Cori Felker
 Special Education Teacher  Ms. Elizabeth Tarkowski
 Special Education Teacher  Mrs. Allana He
 Junior Athletic Director / PE Teacher  Mr. Andrew Young
 Band Instructor (Grades 5-7/8)  Ms. Alison Hounsome
 Junior School Music Teacher  Mr. Jason Wilson
 Librarian  Ms. Jana Milligan
 Japanese  Ms. Mae Suganami
 After School Care Supervisor  Ms. Alison Hardie &
 Ms. Jacqueline Heaslip


Senior School Faculty  

(Listed in alphabetical order of subject)

Senior School Principal Ms. Debbie Cook
School Administrative Assistant Ms. Milly Jurisic
Academic Advisor
Vice Principal, Student Learning 
Mrs. Carrie Craig
Acting / Social Studies Ms. Kim Phillips
Technology Coordinator
Mr. Dominic Smith
Art / AP ART / Media & Culture
(Department Head, Fine Arts)
Mrs. Angela Andersen
Band / Chapel Choir / Music Ms. Alison Hounsome
Biology / Chemistry / Science
(Math & Science Department Head)
Ms. Nicole Lorusso 
Chemistry / Math / Physics   Mr. Wade Ingledew 
Communications / English  Ms. Anneke Nussbaum  
(Parental Leave)
English / ESL / Law / Social Studies
(Service Coordinator)  
Ms. Jane Richmond 
Equine Science / Train to Compete  Mrs. Sarah Mellings 
ESL Coordinator  Ms. Sue Stone 
ESL / French   Ms. Kate Russell 
ESL / Geography 12  Mrs. Carol Ingledew 
ESL / History / Social Studies
(Department Head, Humanities)
Vice Principal, Curriculum & Instruction
Ms. Alison O’Marra-Armstrong 
Financial Literacy / Math / Science   Mr. Roddy Craig 
Foods & Textiles
Head of School  
Mrs. Wilma Jamieson 
Japanese   Ms. Yoko Arai 
Librarian   Ms. Jana Milligan 
Math / Physics / Science / Yearbook   Mr. Han He 
Senior Athletic Director Mrs. Kirstin Bains


Management & Administration

 Head of School  Mrs. Wilma Jamieson
 Executive Assistant to the Head  Mrs. Leanne Schultz
 Senior School Principal  Ms. Debbi Cook
 Junior School Principal  Ms. Susan Cruikshank
 Executive Director of Admissions   Mrs. Rebecca McKay
 Associate Director of Admissions  Mr. Iqbal Parekh
 Admissions Coordinator  Mrs. Sandy Potter
 Communications Coordinator  Mrs. Hayley Picard
 Director of Development  Mrs. Tracy Arden
 Administrative Assistant, Development  Mrs. Heather Bartfai
 Director, Finance and Privacy Officer  Ms. Julie Scurr
 Accounting & HR Manager  Ms. Karen Webber
 Accounting Assistant  Mrs. Sandra Bakker
 Payroll / Accounting Assistant  Mrs. Candice Smith
 Receptionist  Mrs. Kim Stinka
 School Administrative Assistant  Ms. Milly Jurisic
 Director, Residential Life & Student Support  Mrs. Celina Mason
 Assistant Director, Residence  Ms. Nicole Folkes
 Residence Administrative Assistance  Mrs. Rachel Devlin
 Student Records Clerk  Ms. Maria Jones
 Academic Advisor
 Vice Principal, Student Learning
 Mrs. Carrie Craig
 School Nurse, Health Centre  Ms. Tracey McDill
 School Counselor  Ms. Tracy Tidsbury
 Manager, Information Technology  Mr. Tobias Staley
 Help Desk  Mr. Mike Potter
 Senior IT Administrator  Vacant
 Director, Equestrian Centre  Ms. Jessie Fraser
 Office Manager, Equestrian Centre  Ms. Carol Newington
 Head Equestrian Coach  Ms. Cheryl Keith
 Manager, School Shop  Mrs. Sue Parker
 Manager, Food Services  Ms. Chris Compton
 Manager, Facilities / Maintenance  Mr. Bruce McPherson



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