Staff  Directory
Admissions Office
Executive Director of Admissions - Rebecca McKay
Associate Director of Admissions - Iqbal Parekh
Admissions Coordinator - Sandy Potter
Development & Alumni Relations Office
Director of Development & Alumni Relations - Tracy Arden
Administrative Assistant, Development & Alumni Relations 
- Heather Bartfai
Equestrian Program
Equestrian Program Director - Jessie Fraser
Equestrian Office Manager - Carol Newington
Head Coach - Cheryl Keith
Equestrian Coach - Sarah Mellings
Equestrian Coach - Brittany Brown
Equestrian Coach - Karlene Neuffer
Barn Manager - Carlie Reynolds-Woods  
School Staff
Head's Office
Head of School - Wilma Jamieson
Executive Assistant to the Head - Leanne Schultz

Admissions Office
Executive Director of Admissions - Rebecca McKay
Associate Director of Admissions - Iqbal Parekh
Admissions Coordinator - Sandy Potter

Finance & Operations
Director, Finance & Operations - Julie Scurr
Accounting Manager - Karen Webber
Payroll/Accounting Assistant - Candice Smith
Manager, Facilities / Maintenance - Bruce McPherson
Manager, School Shop - Sue Parker
Chef / Manager - Hannah Romero

Development & Alumni Relations Office
Director of Development & Alumni Relations - Tracy Arden
Administrative Assistant, Development & Alumni Relations
- Heather Bartfai

Communications Coordinator - Hayley Picard

Educational Programs
Senior School Principal - Deborah Cook
Junior School Principal - Susan Cruikshank
ECE Program Manager- Stacy Paton
Vice Principal, Curriculum & Instruction - Alison O'Marra-Armstrong 
Vice Principal, Student Life - Carrie Craig
School Secretary - Milly Jurisic
School Administrative Assistant - Kim Stinka
Student Records Clerk - Maria Jones

Residence & Health Services 
Director, Residential Life & Health Services - Celina Mason
Assistant Director, Residence - Nicole Folkes
Residence Administrative Assistant - Rachel Devlin
School Nurse, Health Centre - Tracey McDill
School Counselor - Tracy Tidsbury
Residence Support - Miriam Beechey
Residence Support - Chris Compton
Residence Support - Sarah Day
Residence Support - Christine Easly
Residence Support - Nola Nahirnick
Residence Support - Dorothy Nickell
Residence Support - Deborah Sketchly
Residence Support - Carolyn Strong
Residence Support - Sonja Teuwen
Residence Support - Virginia White
Residence Support - Karen Wristen

Equestrian Program
Director, Equestrian Program- Jessie Fraser
Office Manager, Equestrian Centre - Carol Newington
Head Equestrian Coach - Cheryl Keith

Information Technology
Manager, Technology & Innovation - Tobias Staley
Senior Systems Analyst - Tony Macaro
Support Analyst - Mike Potter

Faculty Directory

School Administration

Senior School Principal – Deborah Cook

Junior School Principal – Susan Cruikshank

Vice Principal, Curriculum & Instruction – Alison O’Marra Armstrong

Vice Principal, Student Life – Carrie Craig

Technology Coordinator – Dominic Smith

Senior Athletic Director – Kirstin Bains

Junior Athletic Director – Andrew Young

Academic Advisor – Carrie Craig

Special Education Coordinator – Elizabeth Tarkowski

Librarian – Jana Milligan

Administrative Support Staff
School Secretary – Milly Jurisic
Student Records Clerk – Maria Jones
School Administrative Assistant – Kim Stinka

Senior School
Humanities Department
Head of Department/Teacher – Alison O’Marra Armstrong
Teacher – Jane Richmond
Teacher – Martina Blake
Teacher – Kim Phillips
Teacher – Kate Russell
Teacher – Anneke Nussbaum (parental leave)

Math/Science/Technology Department
Head of Department/Teacher– Nicole Lorusso
Teacher – Roddy Craig
Teacher – Han He
Teacher – Kathryn Holopainen
Teacher – Wade Ingledew

Fine Arts Department
Head of Department/Visual Arts Teacher– Angela Andersen
Music Teacher – Alison Hounsome
Drama Teacher – Martina Blake
Media Arts Teacher – Catherine Hallam

Athletics Department
PE Teacher – Kirstin Bains
Equestrian Program Teacher – Sarah Mellings

Modern Languages
French Teacher – Kate Russell
Japanese Teacher – Yoko Arai

English Language Learners Department
Coordinator / ELL Teacher – Sue Stone
Teacher – Carol Ingledew

Applied Skills
Leadership Teacher – Carrie Craig
Leadership Teacher – Deborah Cook
Foods & Textiles Teacher – Wilma Jamieson
Planning / Intercultural Communications Teacher – Kim Phillips
Service Coordinator – Jane Richmond

Learning Support
Teacher – Elizabeth Tarkowski

Junior School
Primary Department
Primary Coordinator – Ellen Arndt
Kindergarten Teacher – Yvonne Snow
Grade 1 Teacher – Alyssa Dzhevelekyan 
Grade 1 Teacher – Danielle Friday (parental leave)
Grade 2 Teacher – Ellen Arndt
Grade 3 Teacher – Patti Small

Intermediate Department
Intermediate Coordinator – Fiona Morrison
Grade 4 Teacher – Jody Fairweather
Grade 5 Teacher – Jackie Harrison
Grade 6 Teacher – Fiona Morrison
Grade 7 Girls Teacher – Jillian Hutchinson
Grade 7/8 Boys Teacher – Dominic Smith

Specialist Teachers
French Teacher – Dean Schneider
Art Teacher (Gr. 5 – 7) – Angela Andersen
Media Arts Teacher (Gr. 7/8 Boys) – Catherine Hallam
Music Teacher (K – Gr. 5) – Jason Wilson
Band Teacher (Gr. 5 – 7/8 Boys) – Alison Hounsome
Physical Education Teacher – Andrew Young
Equestrian Program Teacher – Sarah Mellings
Learning Support/ELL Teacher Vacant

Educational Support
Educational Assistant – Cori Felker
Educational Assistant – Alana He
Educational Assistant – Carolyn Webb
Japanese Language Intern – Mae Suganami
After School Care Supervisor – Jacqueline Heaslip

Early Childhood Education
ECE Program Manager – Stacy Paton
Junior Kindergarten Teacher – Margo Smith
Junior Kindergarten Teacher – Jacci Shortreed
Preschool Teacher – Angela Kennedy
Preschool Teacher – Annaliese Atkins
ECE Support Worker – Emily Robertson