Head of School's Welcome  

A feeling of belonging...

‘Fit’ is everything when choosing a school for your children or when selecting a place into which you want to pour your skills, character and energies. Here at QMS, we pride ourselves on a strong sense of community where everyone is an individual and meaningful relationships are the order of the day. Most people crave a sense of belonging and value connection so a school that works very hard to develop a meaningful culture can indeed be a place where strong attachments are formed.

I encourage you to explore our programmes and approaches to learning both inside and outside of the classroom. If you take that step and visit us here on campus, you will feel the sense of community for yourself. As we approach our 100th birthday, we are proud of our Founders’ vision, yet, we are excited about the future with all of the opportunities that it presents. 

QMS is vibrant and ready to keep developing these “young trailblazers” who will take the lessons learned here out into the world to great effect. That’s the joy and it all just seems to be a good ‘fit’ for so many people. 

I look forward to seeing you or hearing from you. 

My best,
Mr. David Robertson
Head of School 

Our Mission

QMS is a trailblazing Early Childhood Education to Grade 12 university prep school that transforms how students learn and develop through a unique educational model combining experiential learning, sustainable innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, and equine-facilitated leadership development.